Woman Scream--Cri de Femme

Woman Scream--Cri de Femme


Woman Scream-Gifts

Woman Scream (Grito de Mujer®) brand  and concept was created by the Dominican writer and designer Jael Uribe.  as way to support her innovative projects that engage talented women worldwide, and spread message of non-violence against them. Support our cause and help us be known spreading our message. With your support, we create more opportunities for women, and awesome projects to involved them all.


The Grito de Mujer® brand directly covers different women issues, from self-esteem and nonviolence against, to creation of national and international strategic projects for women. 

The figurative sign will be representing the new campaigns, and projects that are created under the brand, and will host the implementation of new ideas that benefit women of any age, in addition to gaining support for the projects under its association:

* Creating awareness campaigns focused on building self-esteem in women countries associated. These campaigns can be implemented on social networking sites, press, audio-visual media, among others.

* Capturing followers and public in general to support campaigns for both, social networking, and supporting our public events.

* Creating campaigns and self-sustainable projects that may also involve and benefit the participation of women, as well as the MPI and WS project representatives in the development of the brand.

* Directly support the development and sponsorship of projects created for women and that subside their operating costs, supporting for projects such as:

a)      Women Poets International Movement
b)      Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival
c)      Contest and campaigns.
d)     Publications such as books, magazines, etc.
e)      Fundraising
f)       Promotion gifts creation
g)      Among other associated projects

Your contribution helps us continue the mission that we have set and boosts the projects we already created and new ideas that promote opportunities for women internationally. The brand covers campaigns, different projects and ideas for women, croudfunding, and gifts.

All products and materials are sponsored by Zazzle and Society6 stores. We expect to offer best in the future as we don't need third parties to produce materials. In the mean time, we hope to count on your suport to our cause. 

You can keep the best part of us as beautiful gift of friendship and, you'll help us grow. Check our on-line catalog at Zazzle.

Thanks for contributing!

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(Illegal distribution of Grito de Mujer® image will be punished by law ).




Cri de Femme-Cadeaux

Cri de Femme® marque déposée et concept a été créé par l'écrivaine et conceptrice dominicaine Jael Uribe comme un moyen pour soutenir des projets innovateurs qui engagent des femmes de talent dans le monde entier, et diffuser le message de la non-violence à leur encontre. Soutenez notre cause et aidez-nous à être connus en diffusons nos messages. Avec votre soutien, nous créons plus de possibilités pour les femmes et des projets impressionnants et des idées pour continuer à grandir et, les aider à croître.

Tous les produits sont sponsorisés par le magasin Zazzle et aussi Society6 pour nous aider à faire la promotion de notre marque, et nous aurons des prix plus bas dans le futur quand notre marque se développera et que nous n'aurons pas besoin de tiers pour faire la promotion de nos produits. Dans l'intervalle, nous espérons que cela nous aidera à nous développer et à grandir afin de continuer à défendre nos idées.

Vous pouvez garder la meilleure partie de nous dans un beau cadeau d'amitié, tandis que vous nous aiderez à grandir.

Si vous voulez faire la contribution directement, vous pouvez faire un dépôt à notre compte a Paypal

Pour contribuer à la cause d'autres maniérés cliquez ICI

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(La distribution illégale de l'image de marque de Grito de Mujer, est puni par la loi et viole notre droits d'auteurs).

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